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My aunt and my mom on her wedding day

My husband and his identical twin, who both look SO much like their grandfather in this photo

I remember so many sunny picnics in the park when I was young!

The 3 oldest cousins when it was only 3!


Hi! I'm Emily.

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I grew up in Seattle (where I learned to love the outdoors), lived in Indiana (where I learned from the friendliest people), and am now based in the Bay (where I fell in love with sunshine). As a photographer, people are always at the center of my art- I think that photographs are one of the only ways we can grab onto a moment in a story, an age, a stage of life and hold on to it forever.

Years as an elementary school teacher taught me how precious and fleeting the little years are, and I saw so many beautiful stories of families and people. This inspired me to help you capture your story with timeless, emotive images that you'll pull out to tell your story for generations to come

I can't wait to capture sweet moments of you and your family.

(408) 475 1019

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